At Uriel Care2U Ltd, care is provided according to our client's needs, in these following areas

Specialist Care

Includes support in end of life care in a hospice or at home, support in formal rehabilitation care through hospital and community teams liaison.

Personal Care

Includes washing, bathing, showering, management of incontinence, colostomy care and medication prompts. A personal, intensive, physical care package ...

Domestic Support

This includes light house work, laundry, ironing, washing up, toilet and bathroom cleaning, shopping, assistance with using heating equipment, one-off ...

Night Sleeper

Our Night sleeper service is to offer peace of mind for clients or service users who may be light sleepers, awake once or twice during the night and where ...

Night Care Givers

The night care giver rate applies if you are likely awake more than three times at night or where the support our client need will demonstrate that the care ...

Social Care

Befriending and socialisation, companionship, psychosocial rehabilitation and normalisation, financial care and correspondence

Supported Living Uriel Care

We offer a range of temporary /permanent housing options and services to support clients or customers with additional needs. We work in partnership with Local Authorities and community agencies.
* Support for Homeless Families
* Supported Housing Schemes
* Mental Health
* Learning disabilities
* Adult Care


Uriel Care also provides other services please contact us more more info


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LIVE IN CARE - Uriel Care

What is special about our live in care?
Promoting an individuals independence and lifestyle choice drives our specialist live in care service. Having a live in care assistant places the control of your life directly into your hands and can help you stay as independent as you please. Simple tasks of arranging to meet a friend or preparing the meal you would like to eat that evening, tasks that should not be thought of as exceptional requests, can easily be met. Live in care is a service that fits around you and your lifestyle.

Live in care is a service where a care assistant lives with a client within their own home. Often, a client who requires a live in carer will need assistance with daily activities such as getting washed and dressed, helping in and out of bed, cooking meals, companionship and driving to social activities or appointments.

A basic live in care service is a care assistant who provides 6-8 hours of care over a flexible 24-hour period. If you require more than this, we can provide additional live-in carers who can ensure your care is covered throughout the day and night. Live in care services are tailored to each client so specifically what a live in care service includes, will be completely up to you. It can be from anything from short term to full-time 24 hour care. A trained live in care assistant can also help clients with more specialist requirements such as manual handling, catheter care, personal care and tracheostomy.

Our Care Team are qualified healthcare professionals that work alongside our clients and stakeholders like GPs, Physios, Hospital Teams and Social Workers to ensure our clients get the most from the support available to them. Furthermore, our Care Team support our carers in work so our carers have access to qualified support whenever they require it.
The assistance of a live in carer also means that you have one individual who is able to provide consistent care and work around your routine. This means that you can continue to live as you please, with a little extra assistance wherever you may need it.

Inviting a new person into your home can be a daunting and inconvenient task. We ask our carers to commit to 6-12 week placements to promote continuity and help our clients build a working relationship with their carer. Our longer placements also help offer our clients additional flexibility as they can plan weeks in advance with a carer who understands and has familiarised themselves with their client’s needs.

We hold high expectations of our live in care staff which must be met before carers are asked to join our team. Our live in care assistants must first pass our rigorous recruitment process. This includes a 5day training course which tests their care skills, driving skills and english language skills plus an extensive background check. Live in Carers must provide previous work history, work and character references and obtain a clear DBS check and ISA to ensure they are safe to work with all vulnerable adults.

With our 24/7 fast response service, our qualified care team and our team of experienced on-call carers, we can ensure that our clients’ care is covered should an emergency arise.

Our care assistants are trained to a high level in; personal care, nursing care and manual handling. They can also assist with more specialist care needs such as tracheostomy care, catheter care, spinal injury care, elderly care and end of life care. Our carers must pass an external driving test to ensure a good standard and continually update their training. They also work alongside other healthcare professionals such as physios, OTs and speech and language therapists to assist at home where possible.
Home Comforts** Everybody enjoys the comfort and familiarity of their own home. At the Uriel Care2U Ltd, we know that this doesn’t change no matter what life throws at us. Together, with a live in carer.

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